sim card . . . . . ticket . . . . . outlet . . . . . .

< sim card >  < ticket >   <  outlet > Moscow Krasnoyarsk Beijing 140 hours in the train. You will see a wild nature and a lot of forest. Locals know terminalthe most beauty points on your Siberian karta. You will impress twice more when you get help from local guide, find someone russians.  Train tour will be long more than 10 days. To stay healthy and have fun, make some overnight stops. To sleep on hard ground in the night, to stop your head shaking, to take a shower, to wash clothes. 140 hours on the train without stopping – it’s boring and hard. Especially 3rd class vagon. Travelling   in 7 days without stopovers can be tedious, and it is better the break up the journey and see something of Siberia


I can buy for you a Russian train ticket. Any time you can get a printed ticket on any big station. I know train schedules and best seats in the car. i use Master Card, Visa, Maestro.  You will take printed tickets for example in St. Petersburg Sq. Lenin, 6, lit. I (Finland Station), Zagorodny Prospect, 52 (Admiralty Vitebsky station)  or Nevsky Prospect, 85, lit. B (Moscow railway station).     up

            You need to have a Russian SIM card. Foreign sim card often drop out of range and does not work. Calling to nonRussian simcard from my Russian sim card costs 1,5$ for 1 minute for me, and you pay too.  Expensive! I can sent rus sim card to you . At your nearest point which you arrive in Russia. We use post oficce at rail station , for example in sPetersburg. At first point you arrive in Russia you visit post office, get a pocket with sim card. From that moment you can speak with everybody in Russia huge terra through cell phone with Russian sim-card.  do not use MTS or TELE2  company. Better  Megafon or Beeline. It is good to send SMS through online site. Online SMS does not work in MTS.      ) -:
I can send card to your country. 1-3 months before start journey, you know number which good for use all over Russia. Your hometown friends know this number too. Still you at fatherland I can send you a Russian sim card through paper mail. 
Benefit of Russian SIM card, it  can be used to gprs-internet on the train board. You spend hours in the internet through cell phone. Within 30 minutes before and after any stations you can use your cell phone for gprs internet. Speed not enough for ipVoice. But email and browse – it possible. Russians people know foreign languages bad, recommend sending SMS. To understand voice conversation via phone on a foreign language – is not easy. Report accurate data use the SMS. I was met a German traveler ( round the world motorcyclist). I spent 1 hour looking for him. He stood front of next building, but I could not understand the words on the phone, for a long time looking for him. Until he wrote sms pointed out what house number.       up


To charge your phone or laptop you need a power outlet in a train. Outlet is located in the car. There are only 2 pieces of the whole car (50 passengers). Take with you an extension cord and tee. You will sit in your place, surfing internet browser via gprs. You’re on the aisle in the wrong place. You are comfortable and not bored.


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