Folk guitar fest. Air plane fights, kayak. Nights tent camp.

3. offRoad Cars, international fest in a forest    2. Taiga Guitar festival.    1. Золото Колчака 
1. Памятник царскому золотопогоннику Колчаку хотят установить в Крыму. Памятник разгрома Колчака есть под Красноярском. В этом месте отряд был разбит красноармейцами, Колчак арестован и убит. Так совпало что в конце июля прямо здесь проходит таежный гитар фестиваль памяти народного советского героя и городского певца Высоцкого, который тут снимался в известном фильме.  О таежном фестивале написано ниже. Недалеко находится самая длинная в России пешера. Чуть пораньше в 1918 и чуть подальше от этого памятника было отобрано и спрятано золото колчака.  Желая найти похитителей Колчак шарился в тайге под Красноярском и попал в руки крестьян, также как и царское золото. Весною мы проводим 1-дневный туристический маршрут сплава на лодках Золото Колчака здесь

2.  TAIGA guitar festival. Таежный гитар фестиваль памяти народного советского героя и городского певца Высоцкого, который тут снимался в известном фильме.

Transfer 5 hours. start Down town Krasnoyarsk. 1st Night tent camp -17jul thrsd 18.00 krastime Сплав 3раза по 20км = 60км 10часов + обеды Палаточный ночной лагерь в тайге
Canoening boating kayking 60 km 10 hours + diner time 1 hour. 2rd Night tent camp -18 jul fri 10.00 Сплав 3раза по 20км = 60км 10часов + обеды Палаточный ночной лагерь в тайге
Canoening boating kayking 30 km 5 hours. -19 jul sat Сплав до поляны фестиваля 30км 5ч. 3я ночевка в палатке на поляне фестиваля.
Guitar fest + fight of flyers Show + 3rd Night tent camp -19sat \ 20sunday Шансон фестиваль песен под гитару. Воздушный бой
Transfer Krasnoyarsk, start 15.00 finish 20.00 – 20 jul sun Трансфер в Красноярск финиш 20.00

Amerika take part guitar festival

narvaTAIGA guitar festival. Morning.  it’s already 9 am. The camp is slowly waking up to the tasty smell of kasha, a traditional Russian hot cereal, in the morning air. Today it definitely smells like rice made with milk – a wonderful delicacy, especially when you have it with a dash of cinnamon. For volunteers on cooking duty today is a special day since they had to get up before everyone else, and have already made breakfast. At breakfast time everybody gathers at the camp fire. It’s so pleasant to sit on a wooden bench with a warm plate of cereal in your hands, taking in the sun’s tender morning rays and watching them sparkle in the morning dew. It s approaching 10am and to get ready for work, find your gloves somewhere in the depth of your tent, pull your cap on, and lace the hiking boots a little tighter. All volunteers gather around their team leader. The people on cooking duty receive their last instructions – they will stay at the camp site so that lunch will be ready by the time the hungry crew comes back from work.
Day. The team leader carefully examines the group, reminds everyone of the safety procedures, presents today’s schedule, and distributes work tools. Now that everyone is ready, the group can go to the work site. Three hours of work await them. The group splits into smaller teams; someone is clearing the trail corridor from vegetation, while others are constructing steps or building a small bridge across a spring. Sometimes the work becomes difficultâ ¦ It takes a lot of force to remove a big tree that fell on the trail; the tree has to be cut up into smaller parts, which are then carried away one by one. The bridge-building team is ready to put down the first logs for the bridge. This is not easy work, but instead of doing it all alone the team calls on others to help, and gets it done quickly, having fun all the while. The first three hours of work pass quickly, with a pause for snacks in the middle, and then it is time to return to the camp. In some projects It’s leisure time from 1 to 3 p.m. other prolong it till 4pm because of very hot weather during daytime â “ but first everybody wants to have lunch! All that work gives our volunteers a healthy appetite. After lunch you can relax, get a tan, go for a swim, eat some wild berries, go fishing, or just hang out and talk to each other. As always, the interpreter comes up with a new entertaining activity. We’ll see what awaits us today!!! After two hours of rest and with renewed energy, it is time to go back to work. Three more hours and everyone, exhausted but happy, returns to camp.
Evening. dinner is ready! The cooks are at their best: the salad can compete with haute cuisine restaurants, the meat stew with potatoes is fabulous. Maybe it’s because everyone worked so hard today and is absolutely starving? It is impossible to tear the girls away from tea and sweets, as usual. No worries, they deserve it. The dinner smoothly turns into hanging out by the camp fire. Volunteers start spinning incredible tales about different countries, discussing cultural peculiarities and idiosyncrasies.

7.00 a.m. start road trip 3 hours. Down town Krasnoyarsk. Then put tent in a camp. Enjoy folk guitar fest. Soviet movie Taiga in open theater. at midnight. 18
Biggest rus cave. All day long speleo. 19 fri
folk guitar fest.16.00 Air plane fights, awesome. kayak 5 hours. Night tent camp. 20
kayak 5 hours. Night tent camp in taiga. 21
Wake up 3.00 a.m raft 2hours. 6.00 stay at stop. Bus to Shalo. 22 mon

That’s when the interpreter has to work especially hard, trying to follow all conversations and translate them into different languages. Yesterday everyone celebrated the American Independence Day, and international flags, made by the volunteers especially for this holiday, are still decorating the camp site. Once again no one wants to say good night and split up until next morning. The only consolation is that tomorrow is a new day; it’s hard to believe that it is day number six of the project already. Tomorrow is a holiday and the group is leaving for a two-day hiking trip. But this is a different story      up