Gloom river canoeing Угрюм река

rafting on the mighty Yenisei

The Italian and his two Russian friends have repeated fairway. In 300 years later. In summer, Italian Danielie explored  wild Siberia. The Italian and his two Russian friends  have repeated water cruise. This fairway   is written in the book titled Gloom River.  This book is about people who lived and sailed on the Siberian rivers in the 16-17th centuries. Book about the exploitation of Russian people and the luxuries of the capitalists and clerks. Book about industry development of waste territory. In Siberia and Russia, book and movie titled Gloom River were popular. Short video Daniele tell us – click,  his site  –   click. He told us about his cruise in Russian language. Daniele explain us (Siberians from Krasnoyarsk and Novosibirsk) what the river best for kayak in Siberia. Fantastic!! They make 50 km upstream by oars . Fantastic again!!

Invites for travelers. I invite you take part at canoeing on the mighty Yenisei.  Wake up at 6:00 in the morning. At  7.30 krastime begin 8 -hour journey. Of these, 4 hours is the road to one of the largest hydroelectric power station on the planet. And canoeing on the mighty Yenisei 4 hours. Also we can add an amazing night on the river.
Back to arrive at 5pm. Those who wish to participate, post in a personal contact of their agreement. Send contacts sotik, cell phone. Start under lion statue on railstation square.

Lion statue. rail station

7.30 krastime start from Krasnoyarsk rail station square, Lion statue.  fihish 19.00.
map   point B is a start point.
1 phase  9 km 3h inflate the boat and sail
2 phase 4km
 boat past the ruined church
Krasnoyarsk arrive about 21.00 krastime
7.30 старт из Красноярска. От льва на площади Жд вокзала       . . . .   up

Приглашаем путешественников принять участие в сплаве по доброму и могучему Енисею. Просыпайтесь в 6ч30 . в 7.15-7.30 начнется наше 8-10 часовое путешествие. Трансфер 4 часа туда и обратно до одной из самых больших ГЭС.   Возвращаемся после 17 ч . Возможна восхитительная ночевка на берегу реки.
Хотите участвовать, пишите в личку сотик, скайп. Будем готовить для вас лодку. Старт под статуей Льва на площади Жд вокзала.

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