January, february. Travel Siberia. Расписание

Natasha studentka holy 25 jan Татьянин день.
Valentine day febr 14 день Валентина
autocross febr 28 выживалка

10 things to do in january and february нельзя пропустить январь..и февраль

Krasnoyarsk big city in the middle of the Trans-Siberian Railway  4100 km from Moscow.  Symbols of Krasnoyarsk u can see on a Russian paper banknote.
Красноярск. Транссиб. Символы города изображены на 10-рублевой купюре.

Husky dog sled Driver winter adventure dog sledding in explanation of Jack London~s stories! This is the best Husky tour in Russia! Катание на Хаски
tourist club, hike the wilderness trails, make trekking, Mountain surrouned … Зимний поход по льду реки
Ice and snow town
ice town with little houses, walls, etc. Keep in mind you could be freaking cold in December. Город ледовых картин и скулптур
Bungaloo in Krasnoyarsk.
The house is covered with monograms decorations of wooden planks. Ремесло резьбы по дереву
baikal ski resort
Baykal resort is interesting for skiing a long period: from november to mid may. Baykal resort cover 3 to 5 metres of snow. Ski resort webcamera here. Горнолыжный курорт на Байкале
SKI resort online web-camera & new year in Krasnoyarsk. Горнолыжный курорт.
. Slavic night. МартOff Ski racers on bikes down ski slopes
Novosibirsk the third biggest city in Russia. Новосибирск – город в Сибири
CAVE, the largest in Russia
Limestone cave, the largest in Russia. 60 km of passages. Самая большая пещера в России.
Hike to esoteric white mounts
Esoteric sense. This south-west of Krasnoyarsk Territory. Туристический поход Эзотерика Белогорья
Pancake Carnival
Pancake Carnival, Spring festival. Celebration of Pancake week in Russia is known since ancient times. Holiday roots far into paganism. Holiday devoted to wire … Масленица
On the west suburb Krasnoyarsk, right bank Enisey river. Special marks
Krasnoyarsk DAM. KING FISH
Krasnoyarsk big city in the middle of the Trans-Siberian Railway ( 4100 km from Moscow). Symbols of Krasnoyarsk u can see on a Russian paper banknote. Красноярская ГЭС изображена на купюре 10-рублей.
dancing bridge
dancing bridge, rope jumping. Extreme Bridge Jumping Rope Swing – World News . Танцующий мост
Russian ice hockey and ice scating. Хоккей с мячом и катание на коньках
urbexing. Городские развалины
Where do you get a ticket:. – The transaction terminals TT at the station. According to the ticket order form (14-digit order number and your passport
Moscow Beijing 240 hours in the train. You will see a wild nature. Locals know the most beauty points on your road karta. You will impress twice more when you …
SIM CARD . . . . . TICKET . . . . . OUTLET . . . . . .
Russian SIM card. Foreign sim card often drop out of range
Geographical center of Russia
We live Siberia and love Siberia. We really like to meet with new people. Come to our place and we’ll have fun. You like to be rolled on board & ski at New. Географический цент России
Expensive and cheap days on a rail road
15 feb – 6 mar, 5 nov – 20 dec   cheap days. На поезде ездить это дорого.
Russian Currency
If you get 10-roubles notes from your pocket, you will see symbols of our city: chapel, dam & bridge. Symbols of Krasnoyarsk appear on a russian paper …  на 10-рублевой купюре изображены символы Красноярска
Hotel or hostel
Small hotel in the city middle radius from downtown. One room, king size bed 2 person, cabinet, table, refrigerator, conditioner, tv, WI fi, separate shower, . Дешевая гостиница и хостел
Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower and some sightseeing points. Городские достопримечательности
English Speaking Club
Every Mon and Thursday   English Speaking Club 17:40 krastime Клуб английского для всех бесплатно
Stickers, labels
Siberian Souvenirs. 
tourist club
We’re Russians, learning English. We are the members of tourist club. We hike the wilderness trails, make trekking, rafting, get bicycle trip. Mountain surrounded . Клуб путешественников . Гуляем вокруг Красноярска

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