J U L Y : Travel Russia

jul 28 Moto & rock fest, 3 days ОБЬ
jul 22 folk tech TOPLESS moto Шоу, 3-4 days
jul 14 airshow shanson kayak, 3 d
jul 13 Shaman budda church 5-9 d
jul 07 Ethno music camp 4-3 days.
jul 07 Enisei fishsoap Уха
jul 04 horse milk holi., 4 days
. martian laboratory . . марсиане 5-7 days.
. Krasnoyarsk dam King fish
. black pearl jack sparrow
village. siberia 19 century
kayaking, rock Dove and huge red cliffs.
tag july

J U L Y : Travel Russia Siberia


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