M A Y: Travel Russia. МАЙ

everyday   schedule  in may . ..

ежедневник             в мае . . .

King.s golg 1918. canoe In 1901 the old channel was used for the trans-Siberian railway road . Calm rafting on Trans-siberian river

Rafting and kayak, 3 days 2 nights 60km Потрошировски бор ОЯ горная рекаSayan Mount river

Ruins. Siberian backpack tour. Russian journey. We visited two former mines of the missile launchers for intercontinental ballistic missiles. There are a lot of other mines in the territory

10 things to do in may . . . . . что еще нужно увилеть в мае

Largest pipe for coal burning. Lane “of evil forces” Самая большая труба, Переулок Нечистой Силы

– Jack Sparrow, 3 days Черная жемчужина ДжВоробей

– Esoteric white mounts Белогорье эзотерика 3-4дн *