Archaeological volunteer camp


1 – summer archaeological expedition. How many volunteers will be present? More than 90 ppl will take part in a work, living in tents. What is their purpose for this excavation? The expedition purpose – studying and preservation unique natural and ethno – a cultural heritage of the region before the beginning of industrial development of the territory. It is planned to carry out a complex of excavation of archaeological monuments. Excavation will be carried out in the territory of Krasnoyarsk Krai and the Republic Tuva. It is the birthplace of Genghis Khan, and the birthplace of his mother. What is paid for, and will there be meals and housing? Company pay for flights from and to Moscow, accommodation and a food of students in the territory of field camps during till 1 month. Three meals a day every day. July 1 you must arrive in Moscow in your own way. You need to rush. Provide a copy of Siberia archaeological expeditionyour passport, TIN, pension certificate for russians, medical insurance and a copy of the poles of the encephalitis vaccination certificate.

  • When will the work season be? The work of the volunteer camp will be held in three shifts :: the June, July and August. 1- – 01-30 june 2 – 01-30 jule 3 – 01-30 aug

first send email skype (icq) cell nmbr pls. Have mikrophone on a comp? ahtung!! EMAIL, SKYPE or ICQ pls

I speak only English. Will this be a problem? Yes . but you will not died.
What is paid for, and will there be meals and housing? . . . . . . up

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