Siberians and Americanos brothers for 18K years. In Chile settlers from Siberia bred bonfire.

America continents were opened by Siberians. Columbus missed the 18 thousand years. Indians and Siberians – brothers, the Siberian American fraternity. In Chile, Monte Verde 18.5 thousand years ago, settlers from Siberia bred bonfire. The ancestors of the ancient Americans migrated from Siberia. They came from the banks of the Yenisei River 23 thousand years ago and settled in America, right down to the southern tip. SIBERIANS AND AMERICANOS ARE ANCIENT BROTHERS. Look foto. They are mapuches chilie and siberia tyva nations ppl. This is Russian Munister of war Sergei Shoigu. He is native Siberian, he look like the same face with mapuches. karakol

Tourist club hike to commits village, where found the ancient lunar calendar and do more tours inside Siberia. Khakassia Yenisei people reached through the Bering Strait to Alaska and settled in the Americas.
Khakassia people crossed Bering Strait and spread Na-Dene language in America. 10 thousand years ago Na-Dene language transmits to the American descendants of Apache and Navajo peoples. Scientists from Alaska compared the sound spectrum of words from the languages of America and the Khakasia language (ancient residents on Yenisei river near Krasnoyarsk)
Compare, for an example, the names of geographical objects Bogotol ( Krasnoyarsk) – Bogota (Venezuela), Karakol gorge in Asia and the Caracol waterfall in Brazil. Karakol – Turkic phrase “black water, river, lake”. Krasnoyarsk club tourists make summer trips to the ancient habitats Khakases. The ancestors of Native Americans hailed from Siberia, DNA-based study published. Siberia is a cradle of human lineages which widespread across northern Eurasia. It’s a place where people have been coming and going for thousands and thousands of years. It is also the area where ancestral Native Americans lived before peopling the New Continetnts. Said an anthropology professor at the University of Pennsylania. We know that the Altai and Sayan was pretty densely settled by 30,000 or 35,000 years ago. The populations if Siberia moving toward the Americas. Settlers’ arrival in what is now Alaska took place, between 15,000 and 20,000 years ago.



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