Genghis Khan Folk-N-techno чингиз хан Miss Mermaid

Invitation for spectators and fans.
Music art techno festival in Siberia at the end of july, 3-5 days.
Disco, topless motorcycle racing, racing on tractors, living statues, Miss Mermaid. Genghis Khan folk-N-techno take place in the homeland of Genghis Khan, 300 km south of Krasnoyarsk. On the Krasnoyarsk Sea has numerous places of beach holidays and ecotourism. One of them is the birthplace of Genghis Khan. The landscape of this place is similar to the Black sea region, considered one of our guests. The beach is interesting for tourists. In late June, it held a creative competition, battle robots and a lot of things.  — 
Чингиз хан фолк и техно. Дискотека, топлесс мотогонки, гонки на тракторах, живые статуи, Мисс Русалочка. MotoТехноШоу 2016 пройдет на родине Чингиз хана в 300 км на юг от Красноярска. 20-23\24 июля. На Красноярском море располагается множество мест пляжного отдыха и экотуризма. Одним из них является родина Чингиз хана. Пейзаж этих мест схож с краснодарским краем, так посчитал один из наших гостей. Пляж интересен для туристов. В конце июня проводится творческий конкурс, битва роботов и много разного.  ——
Genghis Khan motherland. On the right bank of the Yenisei existed Tuba Khanate, which has been known since the early Middle Ages. In the 16-17 centuries the indigenous people collected tribute from the small population of mountain Shoria (Sheregesh) Alatau, Tofalaria and Kansk. Near petroglyphs paint was born Genghis Khan. Genghis went to Buryatia in its infancy with his older brothers.
in 1692 the indigenous Siberians were violently broken Russian from Krasnoyarsk city in the battle on the river Kan. Boundless cruelty – a feature of the colonialists in the following centuries.
in 1707 the invaders from Yeniseisk and other promoscow fortresses built jail near the capital devastated khanate. They took hostages from the birth of Siberian khans recruited mercenaries from a handful of new slaves. And began to gather at 6 sables with each resident.
The sea in the 20th century, created on the Yenisei, flooded former jail. On a bank new settlement was founded, named like name of capital Chingi Tura(Tyumen)
We LL visit cingis khan (mongol inperia ruller) motherland. Stay 2-3 days in a tent on a bank of sea. 150 km to the south from Krasnoyarsk. We have free tourist eguipment, and not have a car. It is not problem, I m sure this journey is great. Welcome inbox me ————
Invitation for spectators and fans. Be a showman at music or art festivals in Siberia.Be a talent and hire international musicians. You have chances to play your nation art.  Are you ready to broke an airfield? Show us your talent. We invite tourists to participate in events and make performances. Here are the events that await artists and arts lovers. For the guests and participants of the events organized cultural and entertainment programme, a children’s town, fair. Spectators and fans will be able to take part in a special contest. Friendly atmosphere, family camping and emotional communication with your old friends and new acquaintances. Rewarding of participants of competitions, contests and competitions, cheerleading.
American musician performing at an amateur Festival in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia.


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