Siberia mongol rally schedule

. . . . . . . Mongol rally plan . . . . .
– – England      15 Jul >>
– – Minsk        19 Jul >>
– – Moscow       21 Jul >>
– – Krasnoyarsk 4 Aug >>
– – UlanUde     12 Aug>> . . . . . .

travel russia
Krasnoyarsk tour club schedule Mongolraly2017.  MUST SEE BY MONGOL RALLY
moto & rock show MR
Bigfoot, river cruise BF
genhiz han motherland GM
martian queen MQ
rope jumping paleo тарзанкаRP
eco-villages пермакультура EV
jurassic park JP
prince Altai 2500 years ago PA
Trek Chingiz Khan. Mount park

Minsk Krasnoyarsk is cheap and easy mongol rally trek. it is need to have only rusuan visa. Free entry to belorussia, Belorussia visa need no to have. If travel to south it is need to get 5-6 visas. minsk kraenoyarsk is better.
It is impossible travel to the middle Asia and get mongol siberia. Britich citizen wrote: I learnt a few months back that if had travelled through Iran in the past (2014 Mongol Rally), I would need to apply for permission to enter the US as a tourist. With Trumps new bans, will I still be able to get his permission? Is the process now more complex? I’m a British citizen.
Trumps bans. No iran. Yes Siberia Krasnoyarsk


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