Evil force & harat.s pub. High pipe, long conveyor.

ireland harat.s pub in Krasnoyarsk


Near Krasnoyarsk town detected lane “of evil forces” Wel start hiking from the lane of evil forces. Then, 1 hour by bus to the warm lakes. To see that the nature of intricately arranged one above the other lake. See the waterfall. Look at the flame night fire on the lake. Overnight in tents.
Sharypovo has the largest coal deposits in the world. the largest pipe for coal burning is located in Sharypovo. It is 1.5 times higher than the Eiffel Tower in Paris. There are 2 mount ski resorts near. Tallest pipe and longest world conveer.
Возле Красноярска есть городок с самой высокой в мире трубой, самым длинным в мире конвейером и переулком Нечистой силы.


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